Creativity and Innovation — Training & Facilitation

If your organization is motivated to make an innovative change happen — start with training. Offerings include:

  • Innovation MoshPit — is a new GFi offering. MoshPit is possibly the most dynamic ideation session design ever created. It’s customized to an organization, leveraging existing IP asssets and insights. The ideation session focuses innovation teams on creating breakthrough innovation ideas using a highly structured combination/concept blending set of tools. It requires careful preparation and requires teams to do extensive pre-session work. This is a highly productive session design and only available through GFi.
  • Creative Problem Solving (Osborn-Parnes/CPS) –CPS is a flexible, proven, and comprehensive framework suitable as a building block in nearly any innovation culture or program. It allows for a wide range of tools, techniques, and even other frameworks (such as Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile approaches) to be included in a focused innovation effort.
  • Idea Generation Facilitation (training)Brainstorming, as it is commonly done, rarely leads to breakthrough concepts. Learn how to do it right by going far beyond the usual definition of brainstorming. Consider combining training sessions with an ideation project to reinforce and leverage learning. Learning how to facilitate these sessions effectively provides an enduring value — in both cost savings (instead of using expensive professional facilitators) and ideation results.
  • Improv to Innovate — This training workshop is the learning experience your people will talk about — and use — for years to come. This course is not about being funny — it’s about opening the door to creativity and using it to achieve business results. It’s Improv to Problem Solve, unlike the improvisation schools who do wonderful workshops for team building but don’t show you how to integrate Improv directly into your innovation process.  


  • Executive or Team Innovation Coaching — Experience matters in innovation. A highly talented team can run adrift without an empowered and experienced leader. If your team lacks experience and you don’t have the time to grow it, consider coaching as an interim solution.
  • Innovation Facilitation and Project Management Training (Flywheel) — An intensive two-day course perfect for a newly minted Innovation Director or Manager, or Team Leader. It trains them in structured innovation process, meeting facilitation, challenge identification/problem framing, ideation sessions (virtual and on-site), management pitches, and cycle metrics.
  • Culture and Team Assessments — Teams need to be diverse in thinking skills in order to innovate. Learn if your team has the proper balance and how to leverage your talent assets. A culture assessment could be your first step in turning around a passive innovation culture.


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Currently Gregg is a partner in the innovation firm, KILN. Depending on your needs and location KILN has additional and complimentary innovation offerings.