Innovation MoshPit Service

MoshPit3v1A Different and Effective Approach to Finding Breakthrough Innovation

Innovation MoshPit is an ideation facilitation service. It’s designed to uncover unlikely combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, insights, and other factors that lead to breakthrough innovation.

MoshPit is a new implementation of an old, tried and true method — fresh combinations of existing things leads to innovation. From the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to the iPhone, combinations work to create new value.

What’s challenging is to find the right combinations. MoshPit is a new, effective, highly structured way to find the right combinations. The customized session design is unique to the innovation supplier industry and only available from GFi. The session itself is engaging, highly kinesthetic, intense, fun, demanding — and highly productive.

The service can work within any innovation framework, including Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, CPS, or blended systems. It’s an ideal design to work though at least once a year in order to make sure your organization isn’t missing a non-obvious, but powerful new-combination concept for innovation.

After careful planning a team is assembled and a session is conducted. The session can be a day, two days, or even three. The facilitator conducts dedicated and rigorous concept blending exercises, using prepared templates. This is followed by intensive story-based concept writing. There is a first pass convergence done at the session, which is followed by a post-session concept review and re-write session. Then final convergence of the best ideas are then transferred to your existing innovation pipeline and process.


  • Higher probability of finding truly different, breakthrough innovation ideas
  • Amplifies your existing innovation process and feeds your pipeline
  • Leverages existing intellectual property, products, insights, and other assets
  • Increases productive cross-silo communications about innovation and projects
  • Ultimately creates innovation ideas and projects that lead to profits and growth

Service includes:

  • Assessment of client goals, needs, and desires for their innovation pipeline
  • Assessment and listing of existing intellectual property and other relevant assets to be used in concept blending templates and exercises
  • Moshpit session planning, including resource team, stimulus, and facility
  • Recruitment of a select group of outsider ideators (aka trained brains, specialty technicians, and creative consumers) to amplify internal innovation team
  • Moshpit template creation for use in the live session
  • Homework exercises created and research/virtual ideation assigned to team
  • Assistant facilitator training, depending on size of ideation team
  • Graphic recording of session, creating an organizational innovation artifact
  • Facilitation of MoshPit session and data capture of resulting innovation concepts
  • Selected Concept illustrations
  • Convergence on best concepts
  • Post session concept review, re-writing, paper prototyping and illustrations, and transfer/handoff to other teams and frameworks

Note: Moshpit requires at least three weeks to plan. A project leader will need to be available for several meetings and extensive communications through the planning process. Resource team members will be required to do up to three hours, each of research and pre-session virtual ideation. Results are best where organizations have an existing innovation framework or process in place. If this is not the case GFi can advise on a project process to implement the ideas efficiently.

Contact Gregg Fraley to discuss how to integrate Innovation MoshPit into your innovation mix.