Innovation Process Coaching

iCoach™ Innovation Process Coaching

iCoach is a consulting service to improve an organizations innovation process. It’s a response to customers who have great ideas but can’t seem to get them to market fast enough or in a compelling form.  It addresses the challenge of diluting ideas and concepts until they no longer have significant growth potential.

iCoach can be delivered to an executive, to an innovation team leader, or to a small team. 

Benefits of iCoach

  • Shorter innovation cycles
  • More predictable pipelines
  • Less conflict in management and in teams, more consensus
  • More disruptive innovations with higher growth potential

The challenge:

Business managers realize that innovation is no longer something that can be done hit and miss.  They know that consistent and deliberate effort is required.  Still, best efforts often fail — and it’s hard to ascertain why. Disruptive innovation is particularly hard to instantiate in a business, and yet the growth offered by that kind of innovation is crucial to long-term success.

Innovation consultancies tend to focus on market analysis, research, and helping companies come up with ideas.  Nothing wrong with those services, they are often helpful.  However, in our view, ideas are usually not the problem.  What’s not obvious, and is decidedly tricky to diagnose and fix, are problems with internal processes.

For more information regarding the specific methodology and deliverables of iCoach, get in touch with Gregg directly: