Innovation Training

Accelerate Innovation Efforts by Training Innovation Leaders

The emphasis of this “Flywheel” training is capability building for innovation directors or innovation team leaders. The focus is on the front-end-of-innovation, where challenges are identified, ideas are collected and refined, and pitched to management for further development and resourcing. The goal is simple — get your innovation leader trained so your organization has an always spinning flywheel of innovation. The two key areas of instruction are project management and the how-to of innovation facilitation.

It includes extensive materials (including a shell innovation cycle document), post-session coaching and session design consultation.

The course can accommodate an organization that currently has no innovation director or structured process. It can also work within an existing process. The course outline is refined after a client pre-consult.

The course content includes:

  • Approaches to innovation
    • Innovation culture assessment
  • Getting an innovation initiative started
    • Negotiating a mandate
  • Managing innovation projects
    • Challenge/Project identification
    • Working with market research and insights
      • Use of stimulus tools and global trends
    • Innovation team formation
    • Involving and engaging a wide group
    • Ideation sessions
    • Concept development and writing
    • Management pitches
    • Cycle metrics
    • Meeting and workshop facilitation