Creative Problem Solving (CPS Osborn-Parnes Model) Course

Creative Problem Solving (CPS, Osborn-Parnes model) Course

This is a highly interactive, hands-on workshop that instructs participants in the Creative Problem Solving (CPS, Osborn-Parnes model) and grounds participants in the basic principles of creative and innovative thinking. Participants work through and learn a classic framework, a deliberate creativity methodology using a case study and their own business challenges. CPS is a proven framework and is a solid building block for innovation. The workshop improves both individual and team capacity to do:

  • more appropriate objective setting
  • more effective research and challenge exploration
  • more insightful problem/opportunity framing and reframing
  • breakthrough idea generation, using advanced tools and techniques
  • focused solution development and enhancement
  • more effective and dynamic action planning

Gregg Fraley is a highly experienced instructor in the CPS method, he trains trainers at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) and has taught this course to companies like Barclay’s Bank, Leo Burnett Advertising, and Coca-Cola, among many others. His book, Jack’s Notebook, is a business novel about the CPS process, which compliments the course material.

Depending on whether the client chooses a short introduction or a longer format course, participants will get more or less practice in using CPS on real and current work challenges.

Clients often couple this course with a real-world ideation session afterwards. Optionally, clients can couple this workshop with the Foursight Assessment which provides additional insight into each participants creative thinking style, strengths, and weaknesses.

This course can also be delivered virtually, and over several sessions, allowing more thought time between steps in the process.  This is highly suggested when clients want to work on a real business challenge as part of the learning process.

Running time: 3 hours for an introductory course, a full day (6 hour) course, or a comprehensive 2 1/2 day immersion.  Virtual sessions are done with 6 one-hour sessions, using web-based tools and conference calls.

Contact Gregg directly for a detailed course outline: