jnotebooktrimdbldtitleSince it’s release Jack’s Notebook has been read, and passed around, by thousands of people. It’s a cult creativity and innovation book — many readers attribute personal success stories to having read it and by following the creative problem solving process it instructs.

Jack’s Notebook is being read by corporate innovation teams around the globe because the framework and process built into the fictional story have everything to do with creative and innovative effectiveness. It was, and remains the only business novel about the “CPS” structured creative problem solving framework.

CPS is the forerunner to Design Thinking, and the tools in Jack’s Notebook are entirely complimentary to that framework. In fact, CPS is a highly adaptable framework that can easily include elements of, and tools from, the Lean, Agile, and Design thinking innovation frameworks.

Readers learn a deliberate creative process that can be used to solve  complex business challenges.  Because it’s written as a story — a fast-paced mystery/thriller — it reaches beyond the typical audience of  business readers and provide a powerful tool for people, people of all walks of life, to use their own creativity to solve their problems and transform them to opportunities.

CPS is a framework that’s been around for quite some time (the early 50’s) but training in the process is limited and expensive. CPS is brainstorming that works, here’s the research. With Jack’s Notebook in hand anyone can learn CPS — a deliberate creative process, and a proven method that works. Universities around the USA and Europe, including U Cal Berkeley, St. John’s, and Cambridge’s Judge Business School, have adopted the book as required reading in marketing and innovation classes.

Read Jack’s Notebook and empower your creativity.

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