Excellent Keynotes on Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving, Brainstorming, and Selling

The Creative Choice
This keynote is Gregg’s signature speech and he’s inspired audiences around the world to make more creative, more innovative choices in life. Everybody is creative, but in different ways. Unlearn creative myths and become empowered to be more creatively effective in your work and personal life.  

Doing the Innovation Mash-Up

Also known as Conceptual Blends, Mash-Ups of dis-similar concepts led to the invention of the printing press, television, and the Drive-In Movie Theater, to name a few. When you deliberately collide concepts, trends, challenges, and consumer behaviours the result is often a very new idea. Nothing in Innovation is more difficult than disruptive or breakthrough thinking — this is the science-based approach that can get you there. This specific “how to” talk is about connecting dots in new and meaningful ways. Inspirational and immediately useful.

Holistic and Deliberate Innovation
How to fuel-inject your innovation process with a rigorous creative process and a holistic approach to innovation culture. Informed by the practical experience of a leading innovation theorist and consultant. 

There Is Never “Too Much” Story - As a published novelist and performance story teller, Gregg Fraley knows the power of story. This keynote is essentially an 8 Point Primer in how to use story for your purposes. Whether you’re pitching a new business, selling an idea, trying to enroll others in a project, or burnishing the value of a brand, this simple process helps you create, understand, and refine your story. The story thread running through this talk is one of Gregg’s own creative process in writing a full length novel, Jack’s Notebook.  Getting the book published fulfilled a lifelong goal to be a published author.

If Steve Jobs Worked For You, You’d Probably Fire Him

People who think “different” are incredibly valuable and  yet often they leave companies or are fired, due to mis-understandings. This is a keynote about creative thinking and problem solving style and preferences. Understanding creative thinking style is a fundamental building block for innovative culture. Learn how to keep your best talent and organize for effective and diverse teams.

Creative Selling
In this keynote Gregg explores an untapped area in improving sales productivity – creativity. Good sales people are creative and have always been, but many sales people under produce because they don’t use creative ideas to solve their sales challenges.

Nine Ways to Improve a Brainstorming Session
Dramatically improve brainstorming/idea generation session results by avoiding the common mistakes most organizations make in planning and executing them.

Innovisation™The new method for Idea Generation that invokes spontaneous thinking
Improve brainstorming or ideation sessions with greater access to spontaneous thinking and stimulate a “yes, and” innovation culture. If you want the fun and power of improvisation, this talk will engage, instruct, and demonstrate how it works.