Doing the Innovation Mash-Up

mashupmagicMash-Up’s or more formally said, Concept Blends — lead to breakthrough innovation.

Objective of Keynote: Empower audience with an essential tool for breakthrough innovation

The Printing Press was a mash-up of a wine press and the concept of movable type. Television was invented by a 14 year old boy who blended the idea of a plowed potato field with an electronic display concept.

The good news is that mash-up’s work, the bad news is they are difficult, for most people, to do.

Gregg Fraley is a hands-on innovation practitioner who has created unique products and companies. He’s learned how to do concept blends (aka Mash-Ups) in a very deliberate way that can have individuals and teams thinking very differently. If you’re tired of incremental innovation and want something truly new and different, try this technique.

Key Learnings: In this talk you’ll hear about:

  • Why concept blends (aka Mash-Ups) work, and some historical context
  • Why this way of thinking is foreign to most of us
  • How to “scaffold” your thinking, allowing your mind to connect very dissimilar dots
  • How to leverage what we know about the brain, neuroscience, learning, and creativity — including using 3D trend/concept objects
  • How to choose concepts to blend with your challenges, and now to make this kind of thinking a regular practice
  • How to weed out the chafe and make something out of a great new idea

This talk is the result of 20 years of hands-on innovation experience and consulting. It’s backed up by current research and solid business results. If you want disruptive, breakthrough, or out-of-the-box thinking — in other words innovative results — this is how it’s done.