Ideation Facilitation

Flywheel Rapid Innovation System (FRIS)

Are you bored with how you do idea generation? 

Do you want an alternative to the 1980’s era techniques commonly used by idea generation facilitators? 

Would you like better results without paying for expensive innovation consultancies?

Would you like to grow your own capacity to come up with market leading concepts?

Flywheel Rapid Innovation System (FRIS) is a new approach to idea generation that creatively combines several frameworks. It’s a modern, high-value, and complete front-end-of-innovation process based on the latest creativity, brain, and innovation research. This new approach has been verified by field research — in association with KILN

This new innovation framework help clients think differently in idea sessions and achieve breakthroughs.  

FRIS combines these elements:

  • Creative and focused, highly customized session design and planning
  • Emphasis on developing fresh, intriguing, and bold ideation platform questions
  • Session pre-work and post-work that engages teams over a longer period
  • Active use and inclusion of tools that leverage:
    • Multiple Intelligence theory
    • Design Thinking
    • Structured Creative Problem Solving (Osborn-Parnes CPS)
    • Synectics
    • Lean Philosophy
    • Improvisation and method acting
  • Use of virtual ideation systems (Idea Management Systems)
  • Use of creative consumers, trained brains, and improvisational actors
  • Use of future tense story telling and other storytelling tools in concept writing and idea pitches
  • A dynamic mixture of group and individual work, virtual and in-person work
  • Alternating reflective and active activities
  • Kinesthetic, trend-object mash-ups (based on KILN’s IdeaKeg product)
  • Research insight amping — making better use of your qual and quant data

Gregg Fraley seamlessly integrates these tools and successfully surprises participants into spontaneous thinking.  Even inexperienced innovation team members often have breakthrough ideas using these newly blended techniques. 

Gregg works closely with an international network of co-facilitators, researchers, creative consumers, and trained brains to deliver high value concepts using FRIS.

Web Based Ideation & Idea Management Systems

Many corporate idea sessions are isolated events. Gregg encourages a more integrated and long-term approach. Training in structured ideation and problem solving is essential in building innovation capacity. Further, combining intensive ideation sessions with always-available web-based idea collection tools helps institutionalize innovation efforts. Great ideas often occur outside of idea generation sessions and having a structure in place to capture and process those ideas is essential to continuous innovation. If you have an Idea Management System you can leverage it with FRIS designs. If you don’t you can get started with a moderately priced rental which can be administered for you. 

For more information about design, pricing, and scheduling contact Gregg directly at