The Creative Choice

This keynote is Gregg’s signature speech. He’s inspired audiences around the world to make more creative and innovative choices in life and work.

Objective: Expose audience to creative thinking and innovative behavior fundamentals and motivate them to adopt the behaviors and fundamentals into their business and personal lives.

Key Learnings

  1. Everyone is creative — Realize that creativity is not a talent you either have or don’t have, but a build-in capability of all people.  Creative effectiveness can be improved and it requires no artistic talent
  2. People are creative in different ways — The audience will learn about creative style and whether they tend towards “innovative” or “adaptive” styles. Understanding of styles allows a person to expand their thinking and it helps improve team communications.
  3. Creativity impacts everything — It’s not just art and self-expression but it includes decision making, invention, problem solving, and action planning.  Most importantly, realize that creativity is not a nice-to-have when it comes to Innovation of any kind, it’s a pre-requisite.
  4. Learn why these fundamentals are so important:
    • Deferral of Judgment – it opens doors to new ideas
    • Quantity of Ideas – if you want one good idea you might need 1000
    • Alternating Divergent and Convergent Thinking – your brain can’t do both at once…to get imaginative flow requires that you do them at different times
    • The Power of New Combinations – it’s the easiest way to invent something new, and it is consistently overlooked
    • Idea Management – simply keeping track of your ideas leads to breakthroughs in creative effectiveness
    • Fun as an element of Hard Work – no fun, no innovation.  Learn how to inject a bit of fun into every business process without losing sight of objectives

This is an upbeat presentation that’s spiced with success stories, humor, and group participation. The mood is buoyant, but “The Creative Choice” delivers tons of practical, valuable information for any person or group seeking greater self-expression, creativity, and innovation.