Innovation Culture Assessment

“Investigations of innovation too often focus on the products, not on the people and the creative processes and conditions that generate those products” -Mark Runco

Organizations moving forward with innovation initiatives would do well to take a checkpoint before starting.  Without the proper environment, practices, and team behaviors, the seeds of our innovation efforts may fall on unprepared soil. Innovation requires that four factors be in place: People, Process, Product, and Pressure (of the overall climate for creativity and innovation). Innovation researcher Mel Rhodes articulated this framework and it forms the basis for ICA. Gregg Fraley uses this framework and combines it with individual creative style measures to assess your organizations innovation culture.

 Deliverables of an ICA: 

  • A big picture report on your organizations innovation capacity
  • Strategic vision statement for the future of innovation within the organization
  • A snapshot of your organizations innovation strengths and weakness, including knowledge gaps and thinking style diversity gaps
  • Innovation style assessments of key managers, and even entire teams (using KAI)
  • Specific recommendations for action steps necessary to boost deficient areas

 Benefits of an ICA:

  • Enhanced awareness and appreciation for individual and team innovation styles
  • Increased probability of successful innovation initiatives
  • Development of employees creative and innovative capacity and effectiveness
  • More cohesive innovation teams
  • More efficient spending within innovation efforts

 How It’s Done

Innovation capacity is notoriously hard to assess.  Quantitative surveys, which have been the tool of choice for a number of years, are really not the appropriate tool for a big picture view because they simply do not get to the heart of the matter; do not get to the deepest motivations of employees and teams.  Gregg Fraley’s approach is to combine qualitative one-on-one interviews with observational research.  This method is adapted from proven techniques used successfully in consumer research. 

The specific design of the research is customized to the size and locations of an organization.   Once the interviews and observational research are done, time is taken to analyze this content, and a concise presentation and/or paper-based report is delivered to management. 

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