Tools and Techniques for Idea Generation

Tools and Techniques for Idea Generation

This workshop focuses on highly specific tools and techniques used by professional facilitators, managers, and team leaders. It assumes familiarity with the basics of structured creativity (which they may acquire by taking the Innovation and Creative Problem Solving workshop, or by taking the “Springboard” workshop at the Creative Problem Solving Institute). Before getting into specific tools and techniques, a grounding in use of tools and tool design is provided.

Techniques covered include:

  • Post-It Note Brainstorming
  • Brain-writing
  • Clustering, Convergence/Voting Tools
  • Idea Building tools such as “PPCO” (Positives, Potentials, Concerns, and Overcoming Concerns)
  • Use of music
  • Use of props and toys
  • Forced Connections
  • Energizers.
  • Mind Mapping
  • Basics of graphic facilitation
  • Kinesthetic Mash-Ups, and
  • “Innovisation” tools (use of comedy improvisation games adapted to innovation)

Gregg has additional tools and will tailor the session to the unique needs, time requirements, and capabilities of your organization.

Running time: 2 to Full 8 hour day, customized to client needs.

Contact Gregg directly for a detailed course outline: