Idea Generation/Brainstorming Facilitation Training

Idea Generation Facilitation Training

Idea Generation, also known as Ideation or Brainstorming is a highly specialized facilitation skill.

Understandably, this skill set is an important one to to nurture and develop in-house at your organization.  It’s a specialized capability and those that invest in empowering innovation teams with this capability see many returns. Ideation is done best by those who do a lot of it — and practice is enhanced with the proper guidance.

Included in this hands-on training session:

  • Mindset of the facilitator
  • Goals and objective setting for ideation sessions
  • Pre-session planning and session design
  • Expectation setting
  • Working with research findings and insights
  • Pre-work assignments for participants
  • Virtual ideation considerations
  • Audio Visual considerations
  • Gaining group agreement and cooperation
  • Tools and techniques for idea generation
  • Tools and techniques for managing groups and energy
  • Scribing and data management during and post-session
  • Pre-session planning and session design
  • Materials, sourcing, use of, etc.
  • Room requirements and arrangement
  • Post session reporting

This training requires a small group of 5 to 10 to act as the participants in order for facilitators to have “live” experience.

Gregg Fraley has been teaching facilitation skills for over 15 years and is a highly experienced practitioner.  He can transfer his experience to your organization and enhance your ability to do innovation without outside assistance.

Running time: Full 8 hour day for the basics, or a deep dive comprehensive course of 2. 5 days.

Contact Gregg directly for a detailed course outline: