Start a Spiral of Positive Creative Words

Words of wisdom can echo through time. Words of positive creativity creates virtuous circles that can spiral for many years.

I’m writing today of the words others have given me, and also, my own words. I occasionally hear from somebody who has read my business novel, Jack’s Notebook. The notes are generally positive. Some have been — inspirational. It’s a profoundly fulfilling thing to hear about the positive impact your words have on others. I’m grateful for the audience, and grateful for the words of empowerment others have given me.

Yesterday a reader of Jack’s Notebook, Aaron Eden, posted an interesting blog piece about his journey into the world of creativity and innovation. In Butterflies to Hurricanes – How Innovation and Creative Problem Solving Changed My Life, I got a glimpse at seeing how my words work. Aaron read Jack’s Notebook and has integrated CPS (Creative Problem Solving) into his personal and work life.  I get the sense that his career is really taking off as a result. This is the kind of thing I’d hoped for writing Jack’s Notebook!

Words, positive, creative, empowering words, can have an impact many years after they are first spoken or written. And I’m not just talking about Shakespeare here. Case in point: Aaron did a follow up interview with me. In the interview I mentioned an early mentor of mine, Bill McGrane. Bill advised me, in 1977, to read more books and become an expert at things (“read six books about something and you’re something of an expert…you’ll know more about that subject than 99% of the population”). I had always thought of an expert as something it would take years to become, so, Bill’s perspective and advice was an eye and mind opener. Simple advice that I took — and it has had a lasting positive impact.  Simple advice that opened Aaron’s mind 35 years later. Words can be a lasting legacy. RIP Bill McGrane Jr. and know that your wisdom and positivity echo in a new generation.

The point of this post is — take care to leave a lasting legacy of positive creativity in your words. What are those words for you? I’d ask — how can you inspire others? I’d say, reach into your soul and share what you know with them. I’d suggest that you find ways to empower others — by using your best, most creative, most positive, most empowering words. Put those words on paper, and speak those words to seekers, as Bill McGrane did over breakfast one morning with me. Then know that some of those words will spiral in human consciousness and create positive energy for years to come.

And that’s a good thing.


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