10 Ways to be More Creative, Right Now.

So, you’d like to be more creative.

It’s good news, it’s a giant step beyond “I’m not creative”. If you’re “not creative” — stop saying that to yourself and, boy, do you need the list below! Before the thought and motivation leave you, try to get into action and actually Do Something Creative Now. Something that might become a habit, like smoking, only positive. Many people have the ‘more creative’ impulse and then let it float away on the raft of inaction.

10 Ways to Be More Creative, Right Now:

1. Go out and buy a notebook, a cool one, an easy to carry around one. Then start making lists in it of ideas for your various needs. Have a once a day session with your notebook, like over coffee mid-morning, or at lunch break, or at the pub, or simply at some specific time, say — 10:15 am. Go out to Staples or your local art store and get your notebook, Now.

2. Get off your bum and do something you’ve been meaning to do for 10 years, like, take piano lessons, or learn Italian, or cooking with a blow torch. Book it. Now. Right Now.

3. Go do something Different. Like, Go to a restaurant this weekend that  is intimidatingly different. Or a funky far-out art gallery. Or a travel destination. Or a small theater play. Or a jazz concert. Or tennis if you don’t play tennis. The key is it’s not something you would normally do. Notice how it tickles your brain. Put this in your calendar, Right Now.

4. Purposefully day dream. Think of a challenge, then close your eyes and see whatever images your brain puts in your minds eye. Watch the movie of images, just let it flow. After a bit write down what you recall in your notebook (see item 1.). Take a quick look, then put it away. Come back to it later and ask yourself what it has to do with your challenge. You will get ideas (thanks Win Wenger). So, lay down on the floor and close your eyes, tap your subconscious, Right Now.

5. Take a very long walk, like 2 or 3 hours. Alone. Turn off your phone or iPod. Take your notebook. Walk in a new place ideally. Find your keys, put on some decent shoes, and go, Now.

6. Do some art Every Day. Write a haiku every day for a week. Or a month. Or a year.  Or do a PlayDough sculpture, or write a page or two every day from your heart (see Julia Cameron). Start Now.

7. Dance your ass off. Put on some upbeat music that you love and dance (if you’re not sure, Michael Jackson works). Really go for it. Best if you do it alone, but if you have a willing friend you can be goofy with, that’s fine. Don’t stop until you’re sweating. Then get a nice glass of water and sit down with your notebook and jam ideas. Dance already, Now.

8. Take Action on a Shelved Idea. Take an idea you’ve had forever that you haven’t done anything about and do it. Or decide to Never Do It. But find an idea you can Do that you’ve been sitting on. Extra points if it requires a confrontation with fear. Try to pick an idea you can get done in less than a month, but it’s up to you. Make that phone call. Write that business plan. Enter that contest, Ask for that date…Now!

9. Give Yourself a Break. If you are feeling quite “dull” and “can’t think of one thing” related to a creative challenge, well, Forget About It. Take a break if only for a short time. Take a nap, a shower, get a massage, do some yoga, but mainly forget about your problem du jour. Maybe do #3 on your break or #7, or start on #6. The key here is to Not Think. Take a break, Now.

10. Read Jack’s Notebook. Buy and read, immediately, the compelling business novel, Jack’s Notebook (now available on Kindle). It’s all about creative problem solving. Yeah, I wrote it, and I kid you not, it’s the result of what happened when I did #6. Click on the link, Now.

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    • Fabulous post!! I have or am doing almost all of those things. Just recently started doing Julia Cameron’s morning pages again. Have been writing haiku’s and doing some form of art or creative activity every day. All of these things make sense and work! I guess you know that already. It’s always good to be reminded though and I loved reading your post today. Thanks for being an inspiration in my creative life.

    • Oh – I forgot to mention that of course I read your book, and was thinking it might be a good idea to get it out and re-read it. Most likely there will be parts that I have forgotten and need to re-learn. :-)

      • Thanks for your comments Arlene, I hope your various creative endeavors are going well. I know a certain someone who keeps your angel cards very close by. And, sure, re-read Jack’s Notebook. Would advise using the book as a giant stimuli to work on a specific challenge, so, if you have one in front of you right now…make your lists right along with Jack. Best wishes…

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