Objective: Improve brainstorming or ideation sessions with greater access to spontaneous thinking and stimulate a “yes, and” innovation culture.

Key Learnings:

1. Anyone can improvise, we do it everyday. Learn how to get greater access to spontaneous ideas by using this innate capability.

2. Learn the fundamentals of improvisation and understand how they complement and enhance classic  brainstorming.

3. Learn several adapted Innovisation games that you can put to use immediately in your brainstorming sessions.

It’s not bad spelling — Innovisation is a new method for ideation and brainstorming. It combines the best elements of structured problem solving for innovation with the tools of improvisation, hence, Innovisation. Essentially, it takes the standard format for an ideation or brainstorming session and injects tools designed to accelerate the flow of spontaneous ideas. 

Gregg Fraley and Doug Stevenson invented the Innovisation concept, based on their intimate knowledge of both structured problem solving methods, such as CPS (Osborn-Parnes) and the tools of improvisational comedy.

This isn’t about getting laughs, it’s about taking the tools designed to get laughs and get great ideas instead. The good news is you don’t have to be Drew Carey to do it, you don’t have to be funny at all.  You may have fun but you’ll see at the end of the day some serious results.

This keynote is entertaining and useful.  It shows audiences how to unleash more spontaneous thinking even while they analyze.  Audiences will learn how to leverage both structured problem solving methods and spontaneous thinking improv games.

Innovisation can be delivered as a keynote with limited audience interaction or a longer format workshop with a high level of audience interaction. It can be done by Gregg alone or with his pod casting partner and co-Innovisation inventor Doug Stevenson.