“Gregg Fraley is the best creativity speaker I’ve heard: not just usual schema, but original techniques, blends & applications.”

Allen Baird (aka @thesensei) after hearing Gregg Speak at TEDxStormont

Gregg Fraley is the Ideational Speaker — delivering Motivational Keynotes on Creativity & Innovation

Gregg Fraley delivers inspirational keynotes on creativity and innovation. His talks are a fascinating blend of marketing, branding, communications, human relationships, entrepreneurship, and new product development — all in story form. Gregg is a motivational speaker, but more accurately, he’s an Ideational Speaker. His message is empowering, and, his goal goes beyond momentary excitement — he plants the seeds of more and better ideas in his audiences.

Gregg’s topics are ideal to begin conferences or meetings because he sets a positive tone that lasts through an entire event. His message boils down to how to better use imagination, have better ideas, and take more effective action. Because Gregg is a working innovation practitioner, in addition to being an innovation thought leader, even seasoned executive level business audiences learn something new. In fact, he’s often the person hired to help companies develop “something new.” Gregg is the expert that helps companies re-invent their brands, develop new products, and sort out thorny process or culture problems.

Customers have commented that meetings after his speeches have had an improved and more positive tone”, and they mention that meeting participants “spontaneously used his techniques in subsequent discussions.”

His background as a television announcer, stand-up comedian, trained comedy improviser, and corporate executive allow him to deliver impactful, memorable speeches that motivate in the moment, and provide tools audiences can use for the rest of their lives. Customers comment that Gregg has “an excellent balance of knowledge and wit.”  As a published illustrator audiences are presented with visuals that are unique, colorful, and engage the visual senses.

Gregg combines talks with book signings where appropriate. Jack’s Notebook is available at discounted rates for bulk purchases. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association in the USA.

Comments on Evaluation Forms:

“Gregg provides more useful ideas in two hours than most university professors deliver in a semester.”

            Verizon Conference

“He kept everybody involved, writing and joking.”

“Energy, practical information, great slides…Gregg’s insights are breakthrough.”

            Dynacare Home Health

Quotes and Testimonials:

“Having taught public speaking and trained all those teaching the course at the University of Connecticut for 13 years, believe me, I am quite a critic.  And you, Gregg Fraley, are the best professional speaker I’ve heard in forever. The graphics, the mic use, the mastery of the body, the content, the delivery…BRAVO!”

            Susan Fridy of Susan Fridy Associates, Communications Specialist

“Gregg Fraley rocked the house when he presented at Capitol Creativity Network. His session was filled with intelligent content and dynamic, lively experiences. He completely engaged particpants and we received nothing but positive feedback. He’s clearly a seasoned practitioner who has a deep understanding of creative process. I highly recommend him!”

            Michelle James, Founder, Capital Creativity Network

“I loved the presentation, it was both fun and inspirational and even got someone like me enthusiastic about thinking differently.  I’m looking forward to reading Gregg’s book.”

            Patti Schneider, Institute for Cultural Research

“Gregg’s a gifted speaker. His passion to unleash people’s creative potential seeps through every word.  You gotta get this guy to spark your meetings.” 

             Marci Segal, MS, World Creativity and Innovation Week co-founder