Creativity Content

I’ve spent the last 25 years developing various kinds of creativity and innovation content. Beyond my book about complex problem solving (Jack’s Notebook), my blogg is the source of the most current and searchable content. It’s deep and wide — I’ve written nearly 400 posts in the lasts few years. I’ve reviewed many innovation books, and I discuss everything from culture to idea management systems to ideation. For recorded interviews with innovation experts, look at my Podcasts (done with Doug Stevenson).

I also would suggest visiting the KILN blog site which has links to the articles I’ve co-written or contributed to with my KILN partners Kate Hammer, Phd and Indy Neogy. KILN is focused on very new-fangled innovation services, so those articles tend to be a bit more “in-depth” than my blog posts. The short movies on the KILN home page are great glimpses into my (and our KILN) innovation philosophy.