Guide to Creativity & Innovation Conf. Part II

    As I suspected would happen a lot of additional information has come in regarding creativity conferences. Here are a few more, with very little data, but to add to the list:

    The Australian entry:

    The Amplify Festival – Sydney, Australia, June 6 – 10

    Looks interesting!  Follow them on Twitter at @AMPlifyFest — Can we give this conference the award for actually having a creative name?  Would somebody hire me in Australia so I can go?

    The Idea Festival, Louisville, Kentucky, September 21 – 24, 2011

    I’ve heard good things about The Idea Festival, my friend Doug Stevenson has been and he reports an interesting mix of content, and, a real sense of fun. This would appear to be more of an innovation event on the surface, but when you discuss ideas, it’s a creative thing isn’t it? Speakers from last year were heavy on arts and design at first glance — and nothing wrong with that.

    American Creativity Association, New England, July 30th & Philadelphia, September 22, 23

    Fall event is at Drexel University.  According to the ACA website they are splitting up their conferences into regional events to make them more affordable.  Brilliant idea, by doing so they enable more people to attend, from a wider range of people and incomes. I’m not sure if the New England location is settled yet, but keep an eye on their website.

    The Next Idea Creativity Conference, New Lebanon New York, October 22-24

    A lot of creativity leaders and speakers go to this conference, an endorsement. It’s held at a Yoga Center up in the Catskills, so, convenient to NYC. Organizers are the venerable creativity thought leaders Andre and Judy de Zanger of the Creativity Institute.  Andre was the firsts person I ever heard speak about the Zen of creativity (1985).  So, think Zen, and get yourself to Next.



    Heston's Innovation Case Study with B.A.

    While trying to escape the business world for a few hours last evening (aka “male channel surfing”) I happened upon a Heston Blumenthal TV program on Channel 4. Kudos to Channel 4 for producing Heston’s Mission Impossible. It’s a must watch for those interested in innovation. Period. The program is all about Heston’s efforts to dramatically improve the food on British Airways.  Wow, a good start, it’s an iconic brand, and a brand in trouble. The program concept is not new; Blumental made a similar effort to update the menu at Great Britian’s classic diner, Little Chef. What is new, and very worth watching if you are an innovation person, hell, a business person, is the clarity of the program

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    Creativity Cruise, Innovative Fun, Deep Learning

    If you are interested in Creativity, but have avoided creativity conferences, I have an idea for you — go on the first ever Creativity Cruise. Most creativity conferences are held at hotels, and in a way, this is where the problems start. I’ve already said too much in my blog about the why’s and why not’s of Creativity Conferences, but one I didn’t mention in the Not column is the plastic, antiseptic, and expensive aspect of hotel locations. With the exception of Toronto’s MindCamp, nearly all the conferences are hotel-based. Eileen Doyle and Bruce Baum – two noted creativity practitioners — have decided to change all that, with the Creativity Cruise. Before I go into the details I’ll simply say

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    Creative Barcelona, Eyes Up, Hands Down

    Just returned from a long weekend in Barcelona. To say that I was blown away by the audacious innovation exhibited there would be an understatement. Specifically, I’m referring to the Gaudi architecture, although the whole city is bursting with beauty. Of course I’d heard of Gaudi before the trip and seen pictures in books and such, but seeing the real thing was an eye opener. His unfinished masterpiece the Sacrada Familia church is breathtaking. Impressive also is the vision of the city to continue building something that won’t be finished until 2030. Travel is one of those not-so-secret keys to enhanced creativity isn’t it? You learn to see with new eyes as a result. Gaudi’s work is deeply inspirational and

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