Innovation Intensive — Workspring Oct. 27

Innovation Intensive

How to Create Continuous Innovation at Your Organization

Join Greinnointensivegg Fraley at Workspring in Chicago — on October 27th for this high value workshop.


Workshop Overview

Is your organization innovating? How would you assess your innovation culture?

Are you happy with your results? Are they sufficient to sustain and grow your organization?

This half-day intensive course in innovation theory and practice provides a roadmap. It’s a hands-on workshop for project managers who are heading up innovation projects. Blending theory and practice, the content provides deep background, and the tools, techniques, and frameworks that will accelerate your progress. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and increase your chances of growth-oriented results.

This course enables leaders to start-up strategic innovation programs.

Participants learn an entire process and approach that goes from getting a mandate through to implementation. They’ll walk away with a blueprint for their innovation journey and ideas to improve. Please join us at Workspring Chicago on October 27th.


  • Why Innovation? Get a better understanding of this essential key for survival and growth
  • How? Learn innovation current best practice, including frameworks like Design Thinking
  • Assess? Learn how to assess where your organization is now and what’s needed to improve
  • Process? Learn a straight forward, adaptable, practical model for innovation
  • Continuous? Understand how to take your process and keep projects spinning for results
  • Tools and techniques: Learn more about facilitating: visioning, strategy, ideation, and concept refinement
  • Innovation Roadmap: Take home this template to further refine your innovation program


  • Where: Workspring location: 30 W Monroe St #400, Chicago, IL 60603
  • Register: By sending an email to
  • Price: $200
  • When:  Friday October 27, from 10 to 1 pm CST. Come a bit early to get coffee and chat
  • Who: Gregg Fraley is the presenter. Graphic Recording by Debra Sawyer

Who Should Attend:

  • Those executives who have innovation as a specific part of their assignment
  • Innovation directors and project team leaders who wish to improve their skills
  • Innovation team members looking to someday lead projects, and, become more proactive participants in moving innovation forward
  • Those who realize that innovation is necessary, but have no background and don’t know how to begin
  • This content is appropriate for companies, but also non-profits, and universities

During the Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • The big picture about innovation theory and why innovation is not a nice to have but a necessary and urgent thing to be doing
  • The connection between strategy and innovation
  • How to assess our current culture for innovation
  • How and why to get a mandate from top management to institute formal innovation
  • How projects and project selection are the key to success and culture change
  • How to best comprise a dynamic, diverse, and motivated innovation team
  • Which framework or blend of frameworks makes the most sense for your context
  • The steps in a formal process which can be adapted to your context
  • Various tools for idea generation and concept development
  • How to map out action steps to take



Gregg Fraley of Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi) is a master trainer in innovation concepts. He’s an entrepreneur, author, and innovation consultant/facilitator. His clients inlcude companies like Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, Johnsonville Sausage, and many other Fortune 500 companies. He’s lectured at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Notre Dame’s Mendoza School, and others. He’s an entertaining and informative speaker, trainer, and content expert. A proven innovator and entrepreneur in his own right, he’s the author of Jack’s Notebook and many articles related to creativity and innovation. Email with queries about speaking, training, or consulting related to creativity and innovation.

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