Take Advantage — Innovate More for Less

Do more with less of your innovation budget

I’ve done 385 general interest creativity and innovation posts in the last few years. This post is different — it contains a commercial offer — albeit a fairly innovative one. If you’re not interested please ignore this post.

Here’s the offer —

I’ve decided to double the value I provide to my customers by offering a good old fashioned two-for-one deal. Why? I want to generate more buzz about my service offerings.

To generate more buzz I want the perception of my value to be exceptional. So exceptional that people will talk , tweet, and refer. There is no sleight of hand here, I’ll be working twice for one fee. For both services delivered I won’t be cutting preparation time or the customization I normally do.

The Offer: If you book a keynote speech, a training, or an idea generation session, I’ll provide a second service at no additional cost. Pick two from the following list:

The Innovation: A two-for-one deal is not innovative in consumer product marketing, Crazy Eddie and Madman Muntz pioneered the “insanely” good deal many years ago. However, in the business of creativity and innovation consulting it’s unheard of. That’s my claim to marketing innovation with this offer. The larger innovation consultancies like What-If? or IDEO can’t make this offer — they can’t afford to. I’m an independent provider and my business model has room for this idea. Take Advantage.

The Value: This is a high value deal. Tooting my own horn here — I’m a highly effective speaker, trainer, and facilitator. I’m one of the top people in my niche. The proof? I train my competition at the CPSI conference and at MRS (Market Research Society, UK). I train creatives at advertising agencies like Leo Burnett. I’ve helped many companies create patented innovations and breakthrough new product concepts. I’ve been an executive and founder of a start-up that went public. I’m a noted author on creative process. My business novel, Jack’s Notebook, is used at the business schools of Berkeley, Cambridge, and Notre Dame. I’ve guest lectured at those schools to upcoming entrepreneur-innovators. In spite of this I’m underexposed. I love the work I do — and want to book more of my time helping companies accelerate their innovation efforts. Take advantage — innovate more for less.


  1. There is a time limit on this offer. You need to book  services by March 31, 2014 and the work needs to be scheduled to take place before September 1, 2014.
  2. The two services must be scheduled on the same day, or, two sequential days. I’m willing to bend this rule on a case by case basis, but I can’t guarantee I can accommodate work that’s not contiguous.
  3. For now this is a USA-only offer.
  4. The fee for the first service is not discounted, it’s at my normal full fee rate. My full fee rate is comparable with my peers in this niche. The full fee rate I quote you is non-negotiable.
  5. This offer is only for the services listed above. If you’re interested in something else, let’s talk.
  6. This offer is only available directly through me.
  7. Expenses (travel, lodging etc.) related to both services are not discounted, they are billed as incurred. Materials required to deliver either service are billed as incurred, as are add-on options, such as books, workbooks, and creative style assessments.
  8. As always I can only schedule time I have available. I am not required to extend this offer beyond the timing deadlines if the dates you request are no longer available.

 To take advantage of this offer email gregg@greggfraley.com or call 773-251-8567. 

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