Ten Ideas for Using Innovation Film Clips


Jack Black in Envy, touting a dog poop vaporizer

I’ve written an article on Innovation in movies — Inspiring Innovation Films: a Top Ten List. 

It’s been published on the Innovation Excellence portal — I’d be most grateful if you’d read it and comment over there. Today’s post is a value add to that article with some ideas on how to use creativity and innovation clips in projects and meetings.

If you’re an innovation educator, manager, or team leader you may want to consider using clips as training and/or stimulus tools. I’m a big one for keeping things entertaining no matter what you’re doing. Movie clips are a great way to do that.

Here are Ten Ideas on how to integrate film clips into an innovation project:

  1. Send out a clip a week to the entire company and make a pithy innovation point. Suggest action steps.
  2. Use a clip at offsite workshops as an alternative to a lecture or a PowerPoint snooze fest.
  3. Use them as daily or weekly stimulus for virtual idea generation.
  4. Use a short clip to prime an audience you’re going to pitch an idea or concept to.
  5. Finish a presentation with an emotionally resonant clip.
  6. Watch one every day to motivate yourself.
  7. Send a clip (keep it short) to a prospect to support a business idea or point.
  8. Play a compilation of clips during meeting breaks.
  9. Use a movie as a them for a meeting, then use clips as accents during the event.
  10. Use film clips to signal a new phase in a project, for example a clip that demonstrates bold action when you get into implementation.




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