Ted Nugent Lacks Creativity

imagesThe Golden Triangle of Inanity

I’ve resisted the urge to write an enraged post about the inflammatory comments made in recent weeks by Ted Nuget, Sarah Palin, and Duck Dynasty guy, Phil Robertson. I call them The Golden Triangle of Inanity (GTA).

Many writers and observers have responded to their words in kind, so, I guess that base is covered. I had the notion to take Ted Nugent’s recent statement (called Obama a “subhuman mongrel”) on word for word, and then I thought, it’s not worth the energy. Why spread around even more negativity? Suffice to say I think the recent statements of the GTA are crass, ignorant, and grossly inappropriate.

If you believe that these celebrities are speaking out because of heartfelt convictions, well, I don’t. I’m cynical enough to believe they’re being controversial purposefully in order to sell books, speeches, TV shows, elections, and guns. And not necessarily in that order. The GTA is not alone, I’d include pundits from the left and right in this idea that being inflammatory is good business, just ask Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, or John Stewart. Still, I think the GTA has taken it to a whole new level.

I’ll take the conversation in another direction and say this:

Ted Nugent is a bona fide creative artist, but in terms of anything beyond rock music, he lacks fundamental skills in creative thinking and creative problem solving. Look at his words and tell me how anything he’s ever said has solved a problem, or, was even an idea that if attempted might solve a problem. He lacks ideas. It’s one thing to criticise, name call, and accuse, it’s quite another to provide ideas, possible solutions, ways to improve. Give me a vision or even a simple practical suggestion for modest change Ted. I would say the same thing about Sarah Palin or Phil Robertson — they are all about throwing rocks, and are very thin on creative ideas to solve problems. They all lack positive creativity.

Creativity isn’t limited to arena rock shows, duck blinds or moose hunts.

America, stop listening to anyone who isn’t willing to provide solutions to the problems they see. Why bother? They’re just wasting your time.

Opinions are useless, give me ideas.

How did I forget Rush Limbaugh? Mercy… okay, The Golden Quadrangle.

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