Destructive Intelligence Limits Innovation

My illustrious partner at KILN, the subtly dynamic Mr. Indy Neogy, MBA, has penned a very insightful piece on how research and analytical intelligence actually hoses innovation. Hoses, a term I’ve borrowed from Bob & Doug McKenzie, means “screws up” or “ruined”. To read the full piece click here. I did an illustration to go along with the words, which I’m posting below because it’s a bit of fun.* By the way, KILN is an innovation services company — I’m proud to be a founding partner. Indy’s article and my illustration are to be found in KILN’s newsletter Kindling — brain food for your innovation efforts (sign up here to get it via email).

That’s all for today folks, but read Indy’s piece. It’s true, we are overbalanced on our innovation vehicles, great brakes will never have us winning a race without an equally great divergent engine. Indy’s piece does a great job of telling not only the Why, but the more action-able, How.

Wishing you peace from the woods.

A one mouse engine doesn't work...I'd go for at least six.

A one mouse engine doesn’t work…I’d go for at least six.

*For more cheeky fun, print the graphic and tape it above your coffee machine with a blank page below asking for comments…we’re only trying to inject a little bit of the goofing into your day here folks.

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