Blue Creativity

Life isn’t always easy is it? These past few weeks are notable for some rather sad and tragic events, both globally, and with myself.

The simple point of this post is that creativity is not just for the good times. In fact, when you have the blues it might be an opportune time to create something.

A nurse in London committed suicide last week. Why? We’ll never know the details but ostensibly she did it because she was so ashamed. Her crime? She was fooled by some pranking Aussie DeeJays into revealing private medical data of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s such a sad story. The nurse, not a native English speaker, was easily fooled, and was apparently so upset she made this mistake she took her own life. A hard working mother of two teenagers. One should never doubt that human beings are quite vulnerable, let this be a lesson to us all to treat everyone we know with kindness. Pranks can have unintended consequences, as can hurtful remarks. I don’t blame the deejays, but surely, there must have been something she could have done to lighten her spirits and remain alive.

If someone is clinically depressed or not able to think at all, I’m not saying creative self-expression is a cure for that, but if you are just blue…well…

I think at least one answer in instances where we feel we’ve made a mistake, or, when life circumstances deal us a crap hand, is to turn our hearts and minds to some creative work. This is the perfect time to write, paint, make some music, or dance. Even time to re-double our efforts in our work. I find it rather easy to “visionize” a future when I want to forget the present!

This is when a relationship to the arts becomes a huge asset. But if you’re not artistic, there are other ways to self express. Talk to others. Appreciate simple things like food and drink, even the brisk air of a winter morning. Get into your work with a new determination to do something better, and feel better when you accomplish that.

When you’re blue, creative self-expression is not just solace, it’s an opportunity to create something that comes directly from your heart. We’re sometimes more in touch with who we are and what our values are when we are blue. Use the emotion, let it take you to the truth, to new heights of self-expression, in whatever it is you do.

Personally, these last few weeks have seen cancer take an old high school buddy, the sister of a very good friend, and the wife of a boyhood friend. The high school friend was a guy who had a wicked sense of humour I long admired and enjoyed — he will be sorely missed. Closer to home I’m making some big changes myself, and, without disclosing too much, it’s a major milestone and one I would have preferred not to cross. It feels like it’s raining sadness.

But you know something? I’m alive, I’m still rolling, and still able to create. I’m a battered 53 Chevy, but I’ve got some miles, and some creative work left in me. Maybe even my best work. So while it may be a blue Monday, a funky stormy Monday, I’m determined to write, draw, sing, and dance. And help others do the same.

Creativity, for those who choose it, is not just for good times. It’s also for those blue times. Call it Blue Creativity. If the blues have got you down, swim in it, use it, change it from a wail of woe to a song of joy.

Much love in this holiday season to all my readers.

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