Yes Elvis, Prescriptions Drugs Can Kill You

Yes, Elvis, prescription drugs can kill you.

Yes, I’ve updated my website and blog. It’s been a surprisingly fun project due to having a great technology and brand innovation partner in the firm Reuben-Hunter. Not only does it look better, it will be easier to change — and I can do it myself! I’m confident it’s more engaging, and will achieve higher rankings, sell more books and speeches and lead to more business.

As an innovation expert (God love me) doing my own house cleaning and updating my brand brings me back to some basics. In other words I should listen to my own advice. Anyway, allow me to share two simple thoughts:

1.) If it ain’t broke, break it — my old website worked in the sense that I could point to a site address, and I could post my blogs. It was reasonably professional. So, it worked for many purposes, and, “business as usual” took over and I spent my time doing business and not keeping an eye on my own brand image. I was not compelled to update the look, feel, and content even when it was desperately needed. Sound familiar? Why is it we need emergencies to make needed changes? Like Elvis many of my peers and friends were loathe to tell me “your website sucks” and I deluded myself into thinking it was fine. Innovation is at least partially about facing dreadful facts. Yes, it means breaking things that on the face of it work fine. Yes, Elvis, prescriptions drugs can kill you…

2.) When you need innovation help, get the best — for you. There are always choices when it comes to a supplier or partner. The easiest, or cheapest, are rarely the best choice. Nor are the glitzy high priced types, who I find are often more about themselves than their customers. Search and dialogue until you find somebody who matches your working style, can help you think, has the skills, and will go the extra mile to make you successful — like Reuben-Hunter.

Would love to hear comments on the new site. I may have Elvis’s waist line, but I’m not Elvis, you can tell me.

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