Secret Wish Cartoon #7, Inner Beauty and Creativity

Hollywood creates stars and iconic faces, like George Clooney. These amazing faces on the big screen are a lot of fun, but sometimes I think they have us forgetting we are all good looking. Maybe not like a movie star, but nonetheless beautiful. From the inside out.

And we are all as potentially creative as the biggest Hollywood actor.

My Secret Wish cartoon caught this guy, Jim, wishing for a bit of glamor in his personage. Watching this man for a bit I got the sense he was average confident, and clever, but I also detected something, deep inside that was holding his self-expression back. That thing deep down was a wish for better looks.

One of the glorious things about drawing, even inexpertly like me, is you start to see the beauty in everyone’s face. Jim had a distinct and interesting look. When he smiled at the friend he was traveling with I got a sense of his warmth and generosity. His friend and he had that kind of connection where you understand each other with just a raised eyebrow. Jim looked like good company.

So, Jim, have your Clooney fantasy, but when you look in the mirror look past your mildly irregular features, and know, to your friends, you’re their real life Clooney. And please don’t let it stop you from smiling.

The creativity lesson in all this? Simple — don’t let outward appearances and Hollywood dictate how you feel about yourself and inhibit your self-expression. Let your light shine — in your work and with your friends and family. And if it doesn’t get you a starring role in a film — well, no problem, that’s what we have George for.

Posted in Cartoons by Gregg Fraley, Creativity and Self-Expression