Why Creativity? Why Breathe?

I was invited by Tanner Christensen, author of the blog Creative Something to contribute a short piece to a free e-book on creativity. The assignment was to write a short response to the question “Why Creativity?” This is the first piece in ages that I wrote long hand first; maybe I should try that technique more often. See my answer below.

I’m joined in Why Creativity by the likes of Julien Smith, David Meerman Scott, Patrick Algrim, Matthew E May, Mike Brown, and Frank Chimero. The e-book has just been made available for free download on Tanner’s Aspindle page. I’ve read the other bits and I think you’ll enjoy them, very inspirational — so download a shot of creativity espresso!


Why creativity?

You might as well say “why breathe?”

Creativity is the oxygen that inflates your soul and makes you who you are. Creativity might be the most essential aspect of being human.

When I hear someone say “I’m not creative” I almost want to cry because it’s a lot like saying “I’m not alive.” Saying and thinking you are not creative is like voluntarily taking poison. Just stop it!

If you think you aren’t creative, I’ll suggest that you change your definition of what creativity is.

First, it’s way more than artistic self expression. Everything you do in life, nearly, is an opportunity to be creative. To solve a problem is creative. To cook a meal, tend a garden, write a note to a friend, organise a holiday, plot a new marketing campaign, or to make a bold, brave new decision — it’s all creative — if you have that attitude.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t artistic or particularly brilliant — if you can think you have the essential tool. History is filled with examples of average people creating amazing things, you have that potential too. Quit making excuses.

Start by making the choice; actively choose to be creative. Find ways to remind yourself daily that you have. Program your mind by repeating the mantra, “I am creative.” After a time your brain will start acting like it.

Then take creative actions. Seek better solutions, seek different answers to the challenges in front of you. Connect to that creative spirit inside yourself that is dying to be let out of the closet. Do creative things and you’ll be creative. After a time you won’t be asking “why creativity,” you’ll be saying “I am creative.”

And you’ll love it.

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