Review — Innovation You: Four Steps to Becoming New & Improved

I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous of Jeff DeGraff. He’s written an excellent book — so good I have author envy. DeGraff is an impressive innovation expert, consulting and coaching high level executives, but his book is really not targeted to that elite group. As the title suggests, it’s for You.

Innovation You: Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved is quite simply a very useful book. Personally useful. Most books with the word Innovation in the title are not terribly exciting, particularly for someone who is not say, a VP or CEO of a major company. Sadly, for average people, or small business owners, most innovation books are quite overwrought with innovation from a large corporation perspective. Nothing wrong with that, but doesn’t Joe or Jane Smith need innovation? In their lives and careers? Of course they do, and DeGraff’s new book is about Personal Innovation and is the perfect innovation book for average people seeking to do better or different. It has a useful framework, and utilitarian tools and techniques.

I read this book over the late part of the summer and it was so thought provokingly good I started using it even before I finished. It’s a great book for anyone who is trying to: get back in the game, trying to stay ahead of the game, or even get into the game. I sent a copy to a friend who is seeking re-employment after years working for a bank. I saw the book as an instant, and needed, perspective shift. It’s great for those who have been victimized by the economy, and even better for those who are trying to stay ahead of the economy.

DeGraff writes in a matter-of-fact, but easy to read and digest manner. This is not a scholarly tome, thank God, although DeGraff is clearly a highly credible scholar. This book is about transformation, but it’s not really new-agey. The examples used are Real People. It’s just darn useful, and personally useful at that.  Looking for an innovative perspective shift for yourself? Buy Innovation You. 

    • Evelyn

      Thanks for the book recommendation. The amazon link is broken.

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