Creative Selling & Credibility

My writing partner in sales literature is a wonderful and talented guy, Tim Dunne. We’ve been colleagues at the CREA Conference (coming up soon, April 13-17) and also CPSI — so we’re both bona fide creativity and innovation types. We share a common history of being bag carrying salesmen.

We’ve both thought for ages that bringing applied creativity concepts to the sales world is needed — and we’re working on that.  In the meantime, check out his post today:

The When, Why and How of Credibility.

Well worth a quick read, and check back with Tim now and again for more thoughts on creative selling.

The essence of his post is simply all about how to build enough credibility with a prospect to get into a meaningful dialog.

After all, If you can’t ask questions and get honest answers, you’re not really even gotten up to the plate to bat are you?

It also has me thinking about the whole idea of asking “obvious” questions. Many times we try to short cut a discussion with a client because we think we know the answers to the basics already.  It never hurts to ask the dumb/obvious questions first.  You’ll often find that you assumed incorrectly, or, things have simply changed.

So, don’t forget to ask those dumb questions!




    • Gregg, thank you for taking the time to pull together this comprehensive list of creativity conferences. It is extremely helpful. I am so happy to learn about all the new conferences that are cropping up. Keep up the great work. You are a great asset to the field.

      • Thanks Alicia for your kind words. Wouldn’t it be great if more people, from all walks of life, could attend conferences like CPSI and CREA? These are great experiences for people and it’s a shame that it’s limited to people of some means. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts. Hope to see you soon…

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